Hong Kong

Have you heard of travel hacking and mileage runs? I hadn’t before I started dating…

Lemon Curd Chia Seed Pudding

Dreams do come true. Honestly this chia pudding is proof of that. I’ve never been…

Matcha Latte

I’m not sure how I only discovered matcha in the last few years. I don’t…

Peel-Off Charcoal Face Mask

“You’re not selling me very well on this,” my husband said when I tried to…


Classic Golden Milk

I’m on a big turmeric kick right now. It’s amazing stuff. I’ve been slathering my…

Pear Ginger Kombucha

One of the best things about making kombucha is getting to experiment with different flavors.…

About Me

I’m a tea obsessor, book addict, Sci-Fi junky, archer, traveler and wife to William, a guy who is incomprehensibly loving and patient. We live in our favorite city, San Francisco, where we want to stay forever. And, as you’ve already gathered, I’m also super into experimenting with healthy food and natural skincare.

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